Make 100+ SMS Marketing using only 6 BDT!

No, this is not a joke. I actually have made an SMS marketing campaign using only 6 BDT. In this article, I will share my experience gradually.

Long story short,

I own a small f-commerce business call Dropshipper with a small number of customers. Here, I have acquired very few portions of potential customers. Recently we shipped a new product for that reasons we have to notify all the loyal customers at once. But how?

When we take orders from customers we only collect their names, phone numbers, and home addresses. So the only way to notify them is through phone number, by SMS. But all the SMS service providers in Bangladesh are very expensive. We need to find a way to SMS them in a very cost-effective way.

We have tried so many tools and ideas but all failed. All though, a few weeks later, we came up with a big.

We found an app called BULK SMS developed by Bornon IT which is completely free and AD free. Also, the idea was that the app is very simple and lightweight.

How this app will help?

This app will take your bulk number and create a bulk list for SMS and send the SMS to the provided numbers. That’s it. The SMS cost will be bear by your operator.

How does this cost-effective? Is it only because it uses my operator for sending SMS?

Here we come up with the idea,

Many mobile operators in Bangladesh provide SMS bundle packages. Where In my operator, I found a package for 120 SMS within 6 BDT.

We bought that package and sent SMS to our desired customers.

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