No, this is not a joke. I actually have made an SMS marketing campaign using only 6 BDT. In this article, I will share my experience gradually.

Long story short,

I own a small f-commerce business call Dropshipper with a small number of customers. Here, I have acquired very few…

In every software organization, there has one most boring and the most frustrating part is to make proper documentation of API so that other developers who are directly working for UI design or development can easily access it. But no tools are perfect for proper documentation.

It's a bitter truth…

Docker is a great tool for virtual development. Its like a virtual machine but not like virtual machine. Its means its create an isolated environment where every application have isolated setup for their own package.

I am not going to describe the definition of docker from beginning but if you…

Before we jump in Lets first introduce about database replication.

What is database replication

Database Replication is a process by which we can share Data to one Database (master) to multiple database (slaves). …

Git hack[1]

Sometimes you work on a project, you accidentally push some credential information in the remote repository.

credential information means API token, User Email password which used for the test, SHA key, Database host username password, etc.

Now what?

You can commit again by removing those credential info from the file…

This is surely a very challenging task when it comes to finding out the user rank position of the ‘scores’ table. Mostly when it comes to the multivariable calculation. Like, get a position in terms of score, time, number of attempts, etc.

In this story, I will cover both finding…

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